Fruit bowl

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Fruit bowl Aireado

A stylish fruit bowl that keeps your fruit fresh in an innovative way.
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Aireado is Spanish for Airy. A clear-cut name for this bowl, because the fruit is supported on a soft and airy knitted pad, which reduces bruising and keeps fruit fresh for a longer period of time.

The innovative 3D knitted inlay, not only ensures proper air circulation, but also creates a striking contrast with the metal outer shell and has a wonderful aesthetic appearance.
The hygienic fabric follows the curvy shape of the bowl and is secured below the rim. It can easily be removed and cleaned.
The bowl is placed on a custom designed rubber ring which functions as a base to hold the bowl in any desired angle.


project info

award: Red Dot Design Award for ‘high design quality’
role of FZDP design studio: concept development, design and technical development
client: royal vkb
Info about sales: contact FZDP
materials: stainless steel, polyester, tpe
dimensions: ø 34 x 8,4 cm