ASPACT stores retail concept

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A playground where street and fashion meet – ASPACT stores retail concept

FLIP ZIEDSES DES PLANTES design studio created a retail design concept for ASPACT stores, that tells the story about the origin of luxury sneaker culture.

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project description

ASPACT, a retail chain for luxury sneakers and fashion represents brands such as FZDP’s client Filling Pieces.

The design FZDP created for ASPACT stores, not only provides an awesome sales space, but also creates a setting that offers an interesting background story on the origin of sneaker culture.

FZDP believes that telling such a story can be valuable as it makes for a distinctive retail concept and adds value to the experience of the customer, which is pretty important in these ‘online days’.


a playground where street and fashion meet

Many contemporary luxury sneakers, find their origin in sports and street culture. Nowhere is this more visible than in the influence basketball had on contemporary sneaker culture. This was the reason for FZDP to start telling a story about the origin of sneakers through the design of the ASPACT stores.

Visual elements related to this dynamic sport were abstractly translated into the design of this store concept.

The floor forms a full scale basketball court of white marble, inlaid with black marble court lines. The ceiling exists out of basketballs (embossed with the coat of arms of the store’s hometown). Up on the wall a quote of legendary basketball player Michael Jackson reads; ‘All I knew, is that I never wanted to be average’.

These visual elements make for a ‘not-average’ store. A playground in which street culture and high end fashion meet.


project info

client / commissioner: aspact stores

project: concept design for aspact stores

role of FZDP design studio: concept development and design

visuals: a2 studio