About the founder

Flip Ziedses Des Plantes was born in Deurne, the Netherlands in 1977. He graduated the renowned design academy in Eindhoven in 1999. After gaining experience in several design and concept development agencies, he founded his design studio in 2004.

Flip has over 20 years of experience in concept development, designing, and producing products and projects for mass-production, as well as exclusive projects and one-offs.
His work ranges from products to spaces and was awarded with several prestigious design awards.

Next to directing his design team at the studio, Flip lectured and coached design students at the Industrial design engineering department at the Eindhoven university of technology for 8 years.

Flip’s pragmatic and human approach makes him a highly appreciated business partner. His keen eye for detail and style makes him a good designer. His sense of humor makes him a pleasant person.