Sneaker avenue

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Sneaker avenue

Paris Fashion Week 2017. Exhibition space designed for sneaker brand FILLING PIECES.

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project description

A wide and perfectly straight avenue opens up ahead in this exhibition space. Flanked by two parallel rows of vertically oriented pillars on which the Filling Pieces sneaker collection is presented. The visitor feels like hovering down a metropolitan avenue with a helicopter view on the pieces on display.
The brand’s main inspiration sources are architecture, nature and urban culture.
This inspires FLIP ZIEDSES DES PLANTES design studio to create ‘landscapes’.


This landscape reminds of a miniature scale city inspired by 5th avenue in New York city.
The landscape on which the sneakers are displayed are made of various materials and construction methods used in architecture. Concrete volumes complemented by steel constructions in various gray tones and vertical structures of steel bars in a geometrical grid.

Small scale plants are used in between the buildings / pillars. The greenery provides a sense of scale, reminding of parks in between blocks of skyscrapers.


The sneakers in the images are blurred due to confidentiality as it is the Spring/Summer 2018 collection.


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project info

event: paris fashion week

role of FZDP design studio: concept development, design, technical development and production

client / commissioner: filling pieces

location: galerie perrotin, paris

photography: ewout huibers

articles: hypebeast