New York 2D


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3D Paris to 2D New York

Two dimensional showroom interior for sneaker brand Filling Pieces during New York Fashion Week.

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from 3D Paris to 2D New York

Since 2015, FLIP ZIEDSES DES PLANTES design studio has been developing and narrating the Filling Pieces visual brand story through the design of several exhibitions and retail installations. Part of the visual language FZDP created for the brand is the iconic hexagonal shape that is applied in modular walls and pillars.

For this project, the hexagonal shaped concrete pillars designed for the Paris showroom were flattened to two dimensional graphics, packed in a suitcase and flown to New York City. By doing so, FZDP design studio created a recognizable showroom design with a minimum amount of material, yet clearly expressing the client’s visual language.

project details

A dynamic grid of lines and hexagonal shapes cover the floor and walls of this New York City gallery. The grid is divided into six separate ‘islands’ in various grey tones. Each island represents one of six style segments making up the entire sneaker collection of the brand.

project info

event: new york fashion week
client: filling pieces
role of FZDP design studio: concept development, design, technical development and production
photography: mark clennon