Luminous supercar 1984

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Luminous supercar 1984

Paris Fashion Week 2017. Space with luminous supercar designed for sneaker brand FILLING PIECES.

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the experience

This branded installation reflects the 1980’s inspired shoe collection of the sneaker label and was part of the exhibition designed by FLIP ZIEDSES DES PLANTES design studio.
Upon entering the dark exhibition space in galerie Perrotin, visitors are surprised by a life-sized amazing supercar. Fog, responding to the presence of the visitor, crawls out from below the car, making it float on a magenta cloud, while ambient sounds strengthen the vibe.

the light and its effect

When moving further into the dark space, the visitor experiences a disorienting sensation of a perspective warp due to the shift in the magenta contours. Revealing that the car is not a solid object, but comprised of UV-reflective slices. These react to UV lights fitted in the exhibition space making only the silhouettes of the car light up and leaving the rest of the space in darkness. Whether the car emits light on its own or reflects light is hard to determine which results in an ongoing visual mindf*ck.


“Minimal and calm. An experience stripped to the essence of light. Using light and its effect in an ultimate way, to express an artistic concept.”


FLIP ZIEDSES DES PLANTES’ small design team realized this project within a matter of weeks from ideation to production. The event created impact and proved highly successful. The space was a hot topic during Paris Fashion Week, and was numerously shared on social media, increasing the brand awareness of FILLING PIECES.


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project info

event: paris fashion week

role of FZDP design studio: concept development, design, technical development and production

client / commissioner: filling pieces

location: galerie perrotin, paris

photography: ewout huibers

articles: hypebeast